Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Hi Friends & Family!

Well it has been a long day...but we've arrived safe and sound in Bogota! After departing Minneapolis a bit late at lunchtime, we had a strong tailwind (and boy did we feel it at times!) and we landed in Atlanta just a few minutes later than our original time anyway. That was good news because we got to our next gate with only about 10 minutes to spare before they started boarding!

The flight from Atlanta to Bogota was fairly uneventful...minus a few moments of heavy turbulence! We saw the movie Transformers and it was pretty entertaining to switch back and forth between the English version and Spanish version...hearing Transformers talk in Spanish is kinda funny! :)

We landed and breezed through customs with no problems. A porter met us on the other side and helped us get our luggage off the baggage carousel (which all got there - PTL!) and through the gates to the pick up area. We saw Mario and his son Mario holding the Dressel sign and we were off! Somehow we fit 8 pieces of luggage and a stroller plus the two of us and the two Mario's into a car the size of a Ford Escort! Good work Mario's! :)

We got to Betty's Place - the bed & breakfast where we were staying fine too - and our room is cute. I took pics, but after facing a headache with our Skype system now working, I'm too tired to download them and update the page with them tonight...but I'll get them up here soon...maybe tomorrow!

Robert has already retired to bed...and I'm falling asleep as I type this...so goodnight all! Thanks for your prayers for traveling mercies!

Good Night!

Holly & Robert


A said...

I will be praying for you as you become a family!

Cheryl said...

Hey Robert & Holly! Do we have a powerful, compassionate, promise-keeping God, or what?! So neat to hear about the funds coming in, a sure test of you faith! Money...what is it anyway?? So simple for God to provide, and yet so hard for us to wait. Your expression of faith in this encourages many!
I am praying for your next several weeks, for God's hand of blessing to continue to be on you, for the thrill of holding your children, and the comfort you will give them, for protection, continued provision, and safety.
Cheryl Sweeney

Donna said...

Hi Holly and Robert,

So glad to hear you had a good trip. Say hi to Mario for us and tell him the kids ask about him all the time! I am glad to see you are staying at Betty's Place. That is near Hotel Paris so you are in the same area we were. I will be praying for your meeting of your children tomorrow and can't wait to hear about it.

Howard Meadows said...

Holly and Robert,

I'm so happy you guys made it to Bogota safely. I am overwhelmed with how great God is and all He has done for you in this process. Tears of joy are flowing from this proud grandpa's eyes and we can't wait for our most wonderful Christmas present this year.



'Lil Hawk said...

So glad to hear that you made it safely! I was thinking about you both all day! I hope that today goes smooth for you and that you both can get sleep tonight!

Jose said...

the big day tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed Bogota today.