Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rain Showers (& a Video!)

Today on our way home from our afternoon walk, we got caught in a huge downpour, complete with lightening and thunder! The rain was coming down fast and furious...and we all got soaked! It was kind of fun one complained, even little Angie strapped into her umbrella stroller! :) Of course as soon as we got through the door of our room at the house, we stripped off the wet clothes and got everyone into dry warm clothes! It was a fun adventure though!

Some of you may know that I (Holly) am a bit prone to spill on myself from time to time. It is not rare for me to have a spot on my shirt or pants from a little lunch or coffee gone astray. However, I think being a Mom has gotten me 'off the hook' when it comes to spills on my clothes! I changed my clothes 3 times today...and not one of the times was it due to a spill I caused myself! The first time was due to the rain, the second was when Angie accidentally dumped an entire glass of juice in my lap at dinner, and the third was when I got thrown up on by my middle daughter (after a collision between she and Angie...she got bumped pretty hard on one of her new two front teeth (sensitive!) and because she cried so hard and has a cough, she ended up throwing up...these are special times of parenthood!). So next time you see me with a spot on my shirt or pants...think twice before teasing me about how I always spill! :)

We didn't do anything towards our case today. We thought we might be called to go take care of Angie's birth certificate, but we didn't hear from our in-country associate. We'll call her tomorrow and hopefully tomorrow we will take care of Angie's birth certificate and get the kids passport pics taken. We are hopeful that Laura & Juancho's birth certificates were amended today with their new last names and are on a FedEx truck back to Bogota! If so, then our timeline will continue as previously mentioned.

Thanks to Laura for her comment and suggestions on our post yesterday regarding getting all the final steps taken care of. That was very helpful! It's always great to get insight from others who have 'been there, done that'. That will be us pretty soon!

No pics today...the battery had run out on the camera and Mami forgot to charge them. More tomorrow. In the meantime I'm going to try to upload a couple videos to post here for you to watch!

Love from Bogota!

The Dressel Familia

PS - Click on the link to the right to see Juancho & Laura swinging and Papi practicing his Spanish (note: this video was taken about 2 weeks ago...Papi has learned a lot of Spanish since then!) VIDEO:

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