Sunday, November 25, 2007

We got sunburned today!

Happy Sunday to you all! It was a fun day today! We went to Usaquen - which is a part of Bogota that is a city within a city in a sense. It is a quaint little area of town that has a huge open air market on Sundays. There are vendors of every kind - jewelry, art, clothing, handicrafts, food, antiques, and more. The weather was gorgeous - nearly 80 degrees...both Robert and I came back with sunburns! Nothing major, but it is good to have a little sun on our cheeks!
Summer officially starts in Colombia in December, but we are starting to see hints of summer now...warmer days, less rain...and the bugs are coming out! Robert was welcomed into the shower this morning by a large hairy spider! He killed it swiftly with a shampoo bottle though...there wasn't enough room in there for the both of them!

After we got back from the market this afternoon, we visited with some of the families here, and the girls all worked on making jewelry with beads we had purchased from a nearby store. Laura made a necklace and bracelet for herself and I made a ring. Juancho thought about making a necklace too - but quickly abandoned that idea in favor of something more 'boyish'.

Sunday nights a different family staying at the residence makes dinner since the girls that work here have the night off. Mark from New York made a hamburger casserole that was a hit with everyone. Last week we had quiche made by the families from France, and the week before Robert made spaghetti with garlic bread.

After dinner the girls took a bath. We only have a shower in our room, plus a plastic baby tub that we usually bathe Angie in as she is too young to do a shower. However tonight Laura wanted to share in the tub experience. How the two of them fit in that little plastic baby bath I do not know...but they sure had a great time in the bath. Afterwards they were running around half naked as I was getting their pajamas on...and Robert taught them the song "Shake Your Booty". They loved it and even after getting dressed, Angie kept dancing and humming the tune to the song...but the only word she said was 'booty' (though it usually came out more like 'booey'. We got a video of it...maybe for another night!

Tomorrow morning Robert and I are going to check out some emeralds that a local guy sells for a good price - all very authentic. We've heard that other families have bought an emerald to give to their daughter on a special occasion or birthday and we would like to do that for our girls too - we will see what we find out. We also hope to talk with our representative tomorrow and see how our case is...we hope it is through the first step at least...but we'd love to hear it is through the second too...who knows at this point! We'll update you tomorrow!

Much love from the land of beautiful flowers!

The Dressel Familia

Angie & Laura in the tub enjoying bath time!

Angie dancing on the table to 'Shake Your Booty'

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Jill said...

OK, at first I was going to chide you for constantly reminding us how nice the weather is down their while we're stuck with temps in the upper 30s...and then you mentioned the bugs. You can keep your warm sunshine! The bugs are dying off here! Love ya and looking forward to you coming home!