Friday, November 16, 2007


This post will be mostly pictures since you missed out on those last night! But first I will give you an update on our Integration appointment that was this morning. It went GREAT! There were no problems whatsoever! The Minor Defender interviewed Robert and I and the social worker interviewed the children in another room. It all went well and the Minor Defender felt that the children and us were adjusting well. I have to agree. So on to the official process! We met the woman who will serve as our lawyer for the adoption. Her name is Graciela and she seems great. She really liked the children. We also were told what court we were in. It is reported to be a 'good' court - meaning that typically adoption processes move a bit faster through this court. We hope that is true for us! We did hear that our lawyer has a trip to Paris planned for December 10th - so that should mean we are out of here before then. We are still hoping for a homecoming on or before Holly's birthday! (Dec. 4th) Another cool thing that happened tonight is that we met a woman who is a representative for one of the private orphanages. Turns out she is good friends with the Judge in our court and just so happens to be having lunch with her next week! She took down our name and said she would put in a good word for us! YEAH!!!
Okay - on to pictures!

These two babies are Alexanne (pink) and Esteban (blue). They are both 5 months old and each the child of a different French family here...there are 2 other babies here, another boy and girl about 5 months old cute!

Angie styling Papi's hair (Papi is such a good sport)

Angie on the slide, which is part of the little playground here at the residencia.

What little girl hasn't hung upside down from the monkey bars?

Juan, Laura & Angie all dressed up and ready for the Integration meeting this gorgeous!

Can you say "Future Heartbreaker?!"

Laura & her My Little Pony...she is so beautiful, and such a girly girl!

Many of the local Colombians who have gotten to know Angie call her 'Muneca' which in Spanish means 'Little Doll'...we have to agree!

The Dressel Familia - All dressed up with someplace to go!

One final shot - Angie thought Papi's flip flops looked much better with her dress than her little black dress shoes!


Kimberly said...

Oh you guys! How beautiful! I love your family picture! -Kimberly H.

Donna said...


Great pictures! Thanks for the updates and it is funny to read about Angie because she sounds like my Anji. I am glad things are going great and sounds like you are have a good time.

Rick & Genece said...

Hi Dressel familia,
We sure would have loved to get together with you this AM, but we were exhausted from all our earlier travels. We did arrive to our final destination today but had a few quirks pop up with tickets not in the airline's computers. Luckily we just made the flight over and we're all settled in. It is HOT here and very HUMID. Nice but what extremes from Bogota, that's for sure. Take care and we'll be in touch! May God bless you! We're almost down to only hours away.... how amazing! Genece