Sunday, November 18, 2007

Parents & Ponies (Photos!)

Parent's Night Out! Saturday night (Nov. 17th), all the parents staying at the house where we are got a couple babysitters and had a night out! We went to a very famous and unique restaurant in the area called Undres Carne del Rey...great food, great music, great fun...and just what all these parents needed!
(PS - this is the reason that I missed updating the blog last night...we were night owls and by the time I got home it was definitely time to sleep!)

Today we and 2 other families took the children to a restaurant called Margarite de Ocho, which is a very unique restaurant in which there are horse shows down the middle of the restaurant while you are eating! In addition to that, there were flamenco dancers and more...very fun!

Juancho & Laura with their friends Diana & Jaime. Diana & Jaime are being adopted by a couple here...they just arrived at the house about 4 days ago. The "small world" thing is that Diana lived just down the street from our kids here in Bogota - they went to the same school! So they've been having a blast together!
Juancho loved the pony ride! (so did the two other girls, but the battery to the camera died before we could get a picture! We've got it on video though!)

Yes, kind of random, but a guy in a very bad Spiderman costume wandered around the restaurant today to have his photo taken with the children. Juancho LOVES Spiderman, and while Angie wasn't sure about him at first - but she soon warmed up to the idea!
Laura in her 'campesina', also known as 'traditional Colombian dress' that was made specifically for her by a well known seamstress around here. The skirt even has her name and 'Colombia' embroidered into it. We got one just like this for Angie - though she was sleeping when they were delivered and wasn't able to model one for us...soon!

Juancho in his 'Futbol' uniform - this is the child's version of the futbol jersey for the national Colombia soccer team - The Millionarios (Juancho's favorite!)

I like to call this shot - "Mami means business!" This is me counting up to 5, which is what we do if one of the children is pushing the limits. If they don't stop the undesired behavior by the time I reach 5 (cinco) then there is usually a punishment (time out, loss of privilege, etc.). Lucky for Juancho, he handed me the camera (what I had asked him to do several times) immediately after taking this picture...before I got to 5 (cinco). The kiddos are learning (sometimes through tough lessons...which we believe are tougher on Mami & Papi than they are on the children) that Mami & Papi will stick to their word and will keep the boundaries/limits that we have begun to identify for the children. They are coming along great.

Thanks for all your prayers, encouragement and support - it has meant a lot to ALL of us! Tomorrow the English tutor comes! I'll let you know how it goes!


Sherry said...

I know. "Mami means business!", you guys are doing such a great job, be proud of yourselves. Sterling wants to know how many times has Robert gotten to cinco when he's been in trouble! Love you guys-

Brenda said...

I'm so glad things are going so well for all of you! The five of you do make a beautiful family! You all continue to be in my prayers.