Monday, November 12, 2007

Lovely Laughing Laura!

Today's post is about our middle child, Laura. She's beautiful in so many ways! She loves to smile and fact tonight she turned into a giggling heap when I tried to put her to bed. First she was laughing at how Mami's pajamas looked, then how Angie looked while she slept, then she said she couldn't even remember why she was laughing!

Laura also has a bit of a dramatic flair! She definitely keeps us entertained! She is a good girl. Like most 8 year olds, she has a tendency to whine when she doesn't get her way, or wants to get her way or is tattling on her brother or sister. Laura and we have a running joke now...when she starts to talk in her whiney voice we say "We can't understand you Laura - but if you talk in a normal voice we can!' She thinks this is funny, but also takes it to heart and will take a deep breath and attempt to say whatever she was trying to say in a 'voz normal' (normal voice).
Laura is doing well in school - today we learned the parts of the body in English - and I introduced them to the heads-shoulders-knees and toes song. They thought Mami was pretty funny singing away!

Laura is also an active little girl. Today we played chase forever...with a twist - we had to throw the Nerf football at someone to make them 'it'. Yesterday Laura played baseball for quite a while too (and she's got a good arm!) and each time she got to run the bases, the bases were in a different spot...she's very creative...made it a bit difficult for the outfield though!

Here are a few pictures of Laura from today... we have a ton of video (may need some editing), but the connections to upload here are a little unreliable...we'll get one posted at some point though!
Juancho & Laura at 'school' (we spend about an hour each day doing school - mostly focused on learning English)

Laura & Angie playing outside - it has been sunny & warm the past 3 days, which is uncharacteristic for the 'springtime' in Bogota - we've loved it!

In a post about Laura I had to add this pic...It is a pic Laura took after she was my hairdresser (don't you LOVE my 'do?) and posed me with a few 'peluches' (Spanish for 'stuffed animals'). She is quite the budding photographer!


Deborah said...

Holly, I think I have a picture of you with that same "do" from 1st grade. I think Laura fixed your pigtails a little more even though. Thanks for these updates and pictures. We are falling head over heels in love with our new grandchildren. Tell Robert we're praying he's feeling muchos better tomorrow! Love Mom

PK said...

Greetings from MN! You don't know me but I got your blog from one of the Colombian adoption egroups. I've been checking in daily and now thought I'd better introduce myself!

We adopted our daughter from Colombia in Jan 07 and came home in feb 07. We can't wait to go back! Colombia is in our hearts.

Please feel free to check out our caring bridge site to read a little about our story at

It warms my heart to read your blog every morning. What a beautiful family! Congratulations!

familia de Kern, Kurt, Phyllis y Lucy

Teresa said...

Such joy in your blog! I can't wait to meet your children! I think I will have to drop over to the grandparents' home at Christmas!!!


'Lil Hawk said...

Love the new hair, Holly! You should definitely where it like that all the time! :) Keep the updates coming! I love reading them.

LaDonna said...

is that what they call the new mommy look:) love it!! Fits you perfectly!! Thanks for keeping us updated, I feel like I am almost right there with you all:)

matthewandkatiehansen said...

Greetings Dressel Familia! The updates are wonderful! Can't wait to see more photos too! Hope Robert is feeling better! Looking forward to our play time with Ange & William! Best Regards & Wishes for the remainder of your stay! Matthew, William & Katie