Friday, November 9, 2007

A Few Things We've Learned...

About Juancho...

**He has a competitive streak! If he wins a game, he stands up, throws his hands in the air and shouts 'Gana!' (I win!) with a big grin! Even when it isn't a competition (ie - during 'school' today with Laura) he still 'wins' if he completes something first. Good thing is, he doesn't seem to be a poor sport if he doesn't win - we tested that when Papi won a few Uno games they played together.

**He LOVES playing with Papi! Today they played baseball, soccer (futbol), card games (Uno, matching, etc) and a new game they call the 'Beso Game'. It starts with Robert showering Juancho with kisses and Juancho laughing and shouting 'No mas, no mas' (no more, no more) and then when Robert stops, Juancho pauses for a moment, then smiles big and shouts 'Mas!' (more!).

**He is a handsome boy with a great smile and a wonderful sense of humor...we are so glad Juancho is part of our family!

About Laura...

**Laura is girly girl through and through! There were several times today when she would stop me before we left our room to go to the 'big house' where the dining room, living room and other families are - just to check her clothes and hair and make sure she looked good!

**Laura is very thorough with her schoolwork. Today we had 'school' for about an hour - mostly focusing on learning some basic English. One exercise involved writing down numbers and words and she took great care to make sure she wrote very neatly.

**Laura is an affectionate snuggly girl with a great smile and contagious laugh - we are so glad Laura is part of our family!

About Angie...

**Angie is hilarious! We love her little 2 year old voice and tendency to cut words in half when she repeats them. Her little tender voice is so cute too when she calls for Mami or Papi...she keeps us laughing all day long!

**Angie is potty-trained...hooray! We learned quickly that the Spanish slang for pee pee is 'chi chi'. Good thing that the urgency in a child's voice when they 'need to go' transcends language barriers - otherwise there may have been an accident while I stood there trying to figure out what Angie bouncing up and down and saying 'chi chi Mami, chi chi' meant! On a side note - another hilarious thing that Angie does is say goodbye to her 'chi chi' as it is flushed down the toilet. She stands waving saying 'Ciao chi chi!'

**Angie is TINY! She wore size 2T jeans today and they were too big! They worked because I rolled the waistband over, but realistically she probably wears size 18 months...and she'll be 3 years old in 2 months! She is a smiley happy-go-lucky kinda gal...we are so glad she is in our family!

Another thing we've that we LOVE being parents!

Thanks for all your comments, encouragement, support and prayers - they are felt and appreciated!


Rick & Genece said...

Congratulations! Stepping into parenthood seems to suit you perfectly! What an amazing accomplishment it truly is, isn't it? Sure hope we are able to meet up while we're there. God bless, Genece

Jessica said...

How thrilling to hear how much fun you guys are all having together as a family!!!!!!! Thanks for keeping us updating! We love you guys!
Jes and Mike

Sherri said...

You don't know me, but Genece gave me your website. First, you have a beautiful family! You must be so excited and blessed to finally have them. We are travling to Bogota next Saturday to adopt our son. Maybe we'll see you there! I also have a red head 4 y/o son who kept wanting to see Angie's piture! God bless you guys in this time.