Sunday, November 11, 2007

All About Angie

Well, we are actually still learning quite a bit about all of our children...since we've only been with them for 4 days...but we decided we'd give the focus of the blog on a day here and there to one of our children. Today it is Angie - or as she says her name - 'Anise'.

Angie is 2 years old and 10 months almost exactly - she will be 3 on January 9th. She is a tiny little girl - size 24 month clothes are literally falling off of her! She probably fits better in size 18 month clothing!

Angie is a happy-go-lucky kinda I'm sure you gathered in the photos you've seen so far! She keeps us laughing with the way she talks, her easy laugh, her big smile and her general ability to be oh so cute! Angie likes to be helpful and is incredibly loved and cared for by her brother and sister. She has charmed the socks off everyone in the bed and breakfast too! Even today as I took the three kiddos to the park while Papi rested (he wasn't feeling so's only a matter of time in a third world country before you have a day or two feeling under the weather...) and even people we met at the parks were charmed by her personality, and her red hair - it is rare here!

Angie also has the stubborn fiesty streak you might expect with a redheaded latina! Like a normal two-year-old she is not so fond of sharing, at times she wants to do things ALL BY HERSELF, and other times wants Mami or Papi to help. When she gets angry or frustrated she kind of squeals in anger and furrows her eyebrows...I've tried to catch this look on camera to share with you, but when she is in a 'mood' she is not so fond of cameras! The nice thing is, she quickly bounces out of her moods...especially when I tell her 'Angie, Mami doesn't like when you shout.' Then she stops, caresses my face and mumbles something in two year old Spanish and smiles...'mood' over and done with!

Angie also sleeps each afternoon for about an hour and a half. The first day she slept two hours and probably could do so every day, but I've foud its better to get her to bed at night if I wake her up after an hour and a half. She is usually asleep by 8:30 pm, and sleeps through the night with no problem!

Here are some photos of our dear Angie...enjoy!

Angie loves to be a she is sweeping the walk in the backyard...earlier she was sweeping the grass!

Angie in her stroller getting ready to go on a walk to the park with Mami, Juancho and Laura

Angie laughing after playing in the backyard with everyone...what a happy girl!

Click below for a short video of Angie talking to Mami... She's so cute and oh so adorable! :-)

Angie talking to Mami...


Jose said...

Hey Robert and Holly,

What B&B are you staying at? Isn't Bogota a pretty city? If you get a chance there is a place to buy souvenirs I think it is called "Makau" or "Maku" or something like that. It was by the B&B we stayed at. Crepes and waffles sounds good, did you eat at the one in Unicentro?

There is an amusement park just outside of Bogota, we went with our translator and some other families, it was wonderful with a zoo, dinosaurs, kid rides, big slides, and a decent restaurant oh and a replica Taj Mahal. Ask about it.

rhdressel said...

Hi Jose! We're staying at Betty's Place. It's very cozy and family oriented. Yes, we're liking Bogota. We did visit the Crepes and Waffles at Unicentro; it's about 4 blocks from where we're staying. Thanks for all the tips! Holly is going to try and call you guys in the next day or so! Talk to you soon! -Robert

Howard Meadows said...

What a cutie! I loved the video too. I watched it several times (all 27 second of it). You guys are doing a tremendous job with this blog making us feel like we're almost there!


Jill said...

What a cute, charming little redhead! Of course, isn't that a bit redundant? :)

Lisa said...

I LOVE HER!!! She is darling and I have played the video at the office all day for people. Every day grows more and more amazing for you all! Thank you for sharing the moments with us. We are very lucky!

Kimberly said...

I was just now able to read all your posts. All I can say is...beautiful, amazing, goosebumps, tears. Wish I could meet your familia sooner than later. Love you guys- all 5 of you.
-Kimberly H. (Reading other's comments lead me to beleive those kids are gonna be so loved by extended family and friends.)

Jodi Kirsch said...

Hi Guys!

I just got to read up on your blog. I am so happy for the Dressel Familia!! I can not wait to meet the kids.

Take care!

Jenny said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I just watched the video of sweet little Angie! She is such a cutie! I teared up a little watching it-- it makes me so happy to see you blessed with such a wonderful family! I cannot wait until you get back so I can meet your wonderful children!! I love you all so much!!

Heather said...

Hey it is Heather! I love Angie's video it is so cute! She is so adorable I love her already.

Have a fun time even though it may be hard with a two year year old and two other kids too!

Juancho sounds cool and I want to play football with him. He sounds like such a caring brother.

Laura sounds so neat! I want to play baseball with her like in your blog.

I miss you!

Love ya,
Heather, your niece