Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ice Cream, Shoes & Broken Water Pipes!

Today was a good day - though we did see more of the 'normal' sides of a meltdown of a tired toddler in the middle of the mall, or a little sibling rivalry! Though regardless of those things, we must say - our children are SO great and really very easy!

After breakfast this morning we knew we had to take advantage of the sunny 70+ degree day and get outside. So along with our friend Tamara (from Boston - mom to Julianna - see two days ago) and her son John we all went to a local park where we played on the playground and played hide-and-go-seek in the trees. It was so fun! As we were getting ready to leave, as if on cue, an ice cream bike (not truck) rolled up and we decided to treat them to an ice cream each. Afterwards we walked around Bogota and ended up at a big mall where we decided to look for shoes for Juancho and Laura since they both needed tennis shoes. We were able to find some - though Laura had a hard time understanding that buying tennis shoes was more important than buying 'high heels' or sandals!

We also went to a restaurant for lunch that is called Crepes and Waffles that has been recommended on many adoption group forums. Their food was great, but the kids were definitely more excited about the dessert that came with their kids meals - more ice cream designed like clowns with cones for hats and chocolate pieces for eyes and arms! (see below)

After lunch we found shoes for Laura that she was excited about (even though they weren't 'high heels' or sandals) and as we started to head out, Angie was walking and wanted to push her stroller we had loaded with bags. After she almost ran into a few people and the wall, Mami decided it was time for Angie to go into the stroller and Angie did not like that at all! After about 5 minutes of crying and making her body limp, she was asleep in her stroller! Yes, she definitely was overdue for a nap! (see below)

When we got home from our outing, we learned that a major water main broke in our neighborhood, leaving us and 300,000 other people without water! What we learned later is that we are without water for at least 2 days! BUT the owner of where we are staying had a water tanker here within a few hours and we have a huge water while we will be frugal with our water usage - at least we can flush our toilets!

Tomorrow is Sunday and we are going to do 'church' in our room - with the praise music the kids have, reading out of the Bible and praying together...and the afternoon we may have some time where Papi and Juancho spend time together and Mami and the girls spend time together...we'll let you know how it goes!

We love you all!


Donna said...

Hmmmmmm would rather push the stroller than be in it????? Maybe its and Angie thing because that is what my Angie would rather do also!!!!!!

Sherry said...

I finally feel caught up since returning from Mexico. I was praying for you all last week and thought about trying your cell, but it wouldn't have worked. I cried tears of joy and laughed many time after reading about your new family. Juancho, Laura and Angie are beautiful. The love you and Robert have for your kids transcends through the pictures. It is so amazing to see God's hand in the little details of bringing you all together. We can't wait for our family to meet yours. Please give more hugs and kisses to Juancho, Laura and Angie from Aunt Sherry, Uncle Sterling, Emma and Lainey! We love you guys and are so proud of you!

Laura said...

Congratulations on your new family. It sounds like things are going great.
Laura & Andres

Howard Meadows said...

Holly, it was so funny reading about the "meltdown". :-) I think it's cool that she feels comfortable and loved enough to have a meltdown. Of course, YOU never had any meltdowns like that. ;-)

I wish I could just reach through the computer screen and give them hugs from abuelo Meadows. We love (all) you guys.