Thursday, November 8, 2007

Somos Una Familia - We Are Family!

One last photo as a family of two...just before we left Betty's Place to meet our children!

Our youngest - little Angie - with the fiery red hair!

Papi y Juancho

Las Chicas! Laura, Mami y Angie!

Que Bonita - Our Daughter Laura!

And here we are as a family of FIVE! From L to R - Laura, Mami with Angie, Papi y Juan Carlos (aka - Juancho)

Papi & Juancho have a bit of fun before bedtime!

"Helping" Papi start a fire before bedtime!
Okay, so this blog was mostly pictures...that is what you all wanted, right? Plus I don't even know where to begin with how awesome today was! Time and again during our adoption process we have heard that in adoption the 'right' kids seem to find the 'right' families...and how true that has been for us!
Our kids are beautiful, affectionate and so excited to have a family. A letter that Laura wrote and gave us today said "I give thanks to God because now He has given me a family". Doesn't that say it all!
We love you all!


Jennifer said...

Great photos! I was thinking of you today around 4:00, imagining how great it was for you to be meeting you children! CONGRATS to all of you on the beginning of a new phase!!

Donna said...

Wow!!! Gives me chills!! What a beautiful family. Enjoy your time in Colombia and bonding as a family.

Rick & Genece said...

We're so happy for you! It's just amazing, and we loved what you said about the right kids coming into the right families! God's hand in the matter is ever present and isn't that a great feeling? It's the fit that only He can bring together! Congratulations and enjoy this new life together! Hopefully we'll get to meet up next week!
Genece & Rick

Jori said...

Dressel Family,
All day yesterday we were counting down "3 more hours 'til they meet the kids....2 more hours...etc!" First thing this morning we hopped on the computer to see the photos. What tears of joy they brought! Congratulations! We rejoice with you on your "Forever Family Day!".
The Susankas

Teresa said...

I have never seen such a beautiful family! Congrats to you all! (By the way, Grandma is beaming here in Iowa City!)

I can't wait to meet them in person!


'Lil Hawk said...

I was thinking about you all all day yesterday! I checked your blog right before I went to bed to see an update, but had to wait until morning to see pictures of your kids!!! (I dreamed about this last night. Apparently, in my dream, Juan really liked coffee :) - I didn't even realize how funny that is until right now- Columbia, Columbian coffee (ha ha!) - anyways!) I am so filled with joy for you - all 5 of you!!

Howard Meadows said...

The pictures are beautiful! What a great looking family!

I agree with Genese and Rick that it is a great feeling to see how God's hand has been in all of this.

Laura's letter says it all - we too are praising God for giving US a great family.

- abuelo Meadows

simone said...

Holly and Robert!

Congratulations! So happy to see you with your children finally. Enjoy your time in Colombia. I look forward to meeting you and the children one day soon.



LaDonna said...

YEAH GOD!! what a great bunch of kids!! You all look so happy:) love that red hair!! Can't wait for you all to come back to the US!! love ya bunches.

Deborah said...

Hello All! This is Jenny, I'm using mom's account to leave you a comment :) Wow, what a wonderful family! I'm so excited for you all! Can't wait to meet my new nieces and nephew!! Talk to ya soon.

Tia Jenny ;) Love ya!

Lisa said...

I am so happy for you two! It is ironic that in one sense your journey has ended and in another sense your journey has just begun! We miss you at work and hope you know we love you! All 5 of you! Can't wait to meet your babies!

Luke and Emily said...

Hey Holly and Robert!
I don't know if you remember me- I am Becky's friend that lives in CA now... We saw you in May at her birthday party... Anyways- what an amazing journery you guys have been on- and we are SO THRILLED that you are there getting your beautiful children! The pictures are great! The sheer joy that is all of your eyes is wonderful. We are so happy that God has brought you together. We would love to meet your children sometime when we are back in MN.

Anonymous said...

Okay, you're already making me cry (those darn hormones:). We are so very excited for you guys! Really enjoy the time together there and get home safe!!!