Monday, July 28, 2008

Jay & Jen's Wedding

Over Mother's Day weekend Robert and I took our first weekend away without the kids! Crazy that it fell over Mother's Day - my first at that! - but it was a fun weekend nonetheless (though we missed the kids like crazy!). Tia Michelle flew in from Chicago to stay with Juancho, Laura & Angie (along with my niece Ashley) and they had a GREAT time. They went to Underwater World at the Mall of America (a great aquarium), played outside at the park, and I'm sure got all sorts of treats! They went out and bought Mommy a pot of her favorite flowers (gerberas!) and some chocolates!

Robert and I flew to San Fransisco for a wedding Robert was a groomsman in. He stood up for his buddy Jay who he used to be roommates with before we got married. Jay had moved out to California a few years ago with his job and not long after met Jen. Jen is a wonderful girl who has been a great mom to her twin 11 year old sons (who, incidentally, have passed along some GREAT hand-me-downs to Juancho...thanks guys!). It was a fun but quick weekend in sunny California. We flew out on Friday morning, had the rehearsal that night, the wedding on Saturday, a day of touring in San Fran (with some great eats in Chinatown...and some great bargains...the two girls got a cute San Fransisco t-shirt and Juancho got a now beloved San Fran baseball cap!) on Sunday and a flight home on the red eye Sunday night!

There weren't a lot of Minnesotans that were able to get out for the wedding, but it was like a mini-reunion of the roomies! Robert was there to stand up for Jay, his former roommate and the other guy they lived with - Mike - was there too. Then I was there along with my former roomie Becky (whose husband was also in the wedding) and one of our other former roommates - Jackie - who now lives just south of San Fran came up for the wedding with her husband Nigel. The weather was perfect and so was the weekend - a much needed breather during a pretty stressful time. Here's some pics from the weekend (a departure from the usual pics of the kiddos...don't worry those are coming back...I've got a lot of cute ones of those guys!).

Jay & Jennifer during the ceremony - it was a beautiful outdoor wedding!

Holly & some former roomies (Becky, Jackie & I)

The Fellas (Mike, Jay, Dave & Robert)

Jackie & Nigel

Robert & Holly


Kimberly H. said...

Oh! I am so glad you two had some fun in SF!! If we'd known we probably would have flown down!!! But sounds like it was quick and busy and I am so glad you two could have some quality time together like that!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lots of love Kimberly

Kimberly H. said...

Also, it is very nice to see pictures of you guys too!! While its great to see picts of the kids, its great to see you guys!

Connie said...

beautiful wedding! I love the white drapes forming the backdrop behind the bride & groom... I'm noticing these things lately. ;)