Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Day at Minnehaha Falls in June

Okay, back to the 'catch up'! We have done so many fun things this summer so far, and I've got so many great pictures that I don't want to skip over anything! But I'm way behind in the 'catch up' game! Here are some pics from a day that the kids and I took to Minnehaha Falls on June 14th. I love hiking and we haven't really done a ton of hiking with the kids since coming home from Colombia. Walking, yes. But hiking, no. On the way to Minnehaha Falls Juancho was asking me "Mommy, what is 'hiking'?" and I tried to explain it to him, but to him it just sounded like walking around in the woods. "Solo eso?! (That's it?!)" he exclaimed, a little dismayed. But once we got there, ate our picnic lunch, ventured down the wooden steps to see the waterfall and then commenced on our hike, they were all in love with hiking! We're hoping to pull off a camping weekend in early September, but that will remain to be seen! On to the pictures!

Picnic Lunch (above & below) before beginning our hike. Don't ya love Angie's sassy face below? :)

This is Minnehaha Falls - located near downtown Minneapolis. Beautiful urban place to hike and spend a leisurely day...Angie was more interested in looking at the falls (below) than posing for a picture... I don't blame her!

There were some great alcoves and areas of fallen rock (below) that led to great adventure in climbing and exploring the nooks and crannies!

PJ loved hiking too - and got a little muddy when he fell off the boardwalk in a swampy area...not that he cared! :)

There was a great wide spot in the creek - perfect for wading and skipping rocks - my kids loved doing both!

Juancho & Laura posed in the creek

Angie preferred to stay near shore - playing with the dirt as though it was sand, though she did venture into the creek for some wading!

After the full day of hiking, we stopped for a DQ treat on the way home...Angie sure loves her ice cream!

Laura enjoys her blizzard - yum!

Juancho loves his ice cream too! Isn't he one handsome fella?

In case you were wondering, PJ is one loved pooch! (And yes, he and Angie slept all the way home!)


Connie said...

Your kids are so beautiful! Angie is so cute. I miss having little ones, but I do have grandkids when I need that little kid fix. :) Camila just grew into a young lady overnight--right before our eyes!

Connie said...

Oh, and Juancho is indeed quite handsome. There's a vulnerability in his face that's so precious.

Brenda said...

i agree, Holly! you've got some beautiful kiddos! i love the last pic of Angie and sweet!

Nic and Megan Olson said...

I love reading your updates! Yes, your children are beautiful and handsome! I just spent yesterday evening with a family whose children from Colombia are both grown now and starting families of their is incredible to imagine our children growing up (and so quickly, too!). Thanks for keeping us updated!

PK said...


It was great running into you today at the clinic! I'd recognize that red hair any where:) I hope all is well with your family.

Take care
Phyllis Kern