Thursday, July 17, 2008

Laura's B-Day (9 Years Old!)

Well, I figure I may as well just keep on going chronologically. Laura celebrated her first birthday in the United States on May 30th - she is now a 9 year old!

She had a super fun birthday - her day was special at school with the track meet (see post below) and being able to bring treats (Tootsie Roll Pops!) to share with her class (Juancho also brought treats for his 'birthday' that day...since he's a summer birthday, he got to share his treats that day in class too.

But Laura's day started out receiving presents. First thing in the morning - just after breakfast she got to open a present from Miss Amy, a friend of ours who had mailed Laura a very special present in the mail. The were earrings! Silver heart ones with a rhinestone, gold crosses and sparkly post earrings. She was thrilled!

She also got a present from Mami & Papi first thing in the morning...a cute often with this butterfly shirt and a pair of white capri pants.

Then after Laura came home from school, she got to open 1 more present (the rest of her presents were given to her at her group birthday party). This was a present that she had been BEGGING for over the last few it got the shiny bag. A little confusing as to what it might be - with the bag placed upside down and all...

Could you guess what it was? If you guessed a fish, you are right! The fish (which Laura named 'Rachel') is a lovely dark blue with purple accents - a Beta fish (that Mami does more of the taking care of it seems...).

The day after Laura's actual birthday, we had her birthday party. It was a 'homemade' McDonald's birthday party! What I mean by that is that we went to McDonald's and ordered lunch for the kids, but I brought my own cupcakes, candles and lighter and the Play Place provided great entertainment. Given the crazy busy life we had going on at the time, an easy, simple birthday party was great. It was the first birthday party that Laura has ever had, and she was beaming from ear to ear the entire time! Grandma & Grandpa Meadows drove up for Iowa for it...this is a picture of Grandpa Meadows watching videos on the camcorder with Juancho and Angie.

All in all a fun birthday that Laura (and all of us) will remember forever!


Sherri said...

I don't know why, but I teared up thinking about Laura's first birthday - the beaming from ear to ear part did it! I'm glad she had a special day - and I agree that simple is better! I'm glad to be able to catch up with your family. God bless your day!

Kimberly H. said...

Hay Holly, So glad to see the new updates. You have been missed greatly but understandably...glad you could find some "normalcy" to blog a little. Lots of love and prayers. Kimberly