Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Laura's Track & Field Day

So I'm going to try and catch you up blog by blog on the events of the past couple months. On May 30th it was Laura's 9th Birthday (I'll save that for a different post) and it was ALSO the Track & Field Day for 2nd grade at school. Laura was signd up for 3 events - 800 meter run, jump rope and hula hoop. She did great in all 3 - came in 3rd in the 800 meter run...pretty good for a girl who is shorter than most of her classmates! I was able to go with Angie and my niece Ashley who was staying with us for a while. We had a great time and got to meet Lucia - a volunteer at the school who had been assisting Laura in various classes. Lucia was a local college student from Mexico who was a great encouragement and help to Laura! One funny thing that has come out of "Track & Field Day" is that now, with the many field trips they take at YMCA Day Camp, both Laura and Juancho often ask me "Mami, what are we doing tomorrow for Track & Field?" when really they mean "What is the field trip for tomorrow?". Super cute! :) Anyway, on to the pics!

This is Laura & her friend Karyme (from Mexico). Karyme was Laura's 'buddy' throughout the school year and helped her translate for friends, teachers and homework when needed!

Angie: "Look Mom, La La 'wunning' (running)...yeah La La!" (yes, Angie totally calls me "Mom". She's my most 'Americanized' of the 3 I think...)

Laura working hard during the Jump Rope Competition. She didn't stay in to the very end - those little feet got tripped up. But boy did she work hard...and still beam from ear to ear when awarded her participation ribbon!

The Hula Hoop FUN! Reminded me how completely HORRIBLE I would be if I tried to Hula Hoop now...but back when I was Laura's age, I could swing that hoop for hours! Laura did great in the competition and as you can see - enjoyed herself fully!

The Track & Field Day ended with the different 2nd grade classrooms competing against each other in tug-of-war competitions. Great fun!

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Rita Andrews said...

Looks like she had a great time!!!

I love watching the kids that have recently come home to their families, experiencing something so totally NEW to them...The smiles on their faces are worth a million bucks!