Monday, April 14, 2008

PJ's Birthday Party!

Last Monday was PJ's birthday! PJ is our loveable now-2-years-old dog! He's transitioned GREAT to the 3 newest members of his pack, and though he weighs more than ANY of them, he's gentle, appropriately protective of them and a great companion for us all! Since the first week of being home with the kids they were asking us when PJ's birthday was. We don't really know because PJ was found by a shelter as a puppy and we 'adopted' him when he was roughly six months old. PJ's vet gave him an estimated birthdate of April 7, 2006, but that could be off by a few days or weeks! However I told the kids his birthday was April 7th, and as we got closer to April the kids kept saying that PJ's birthday was coming up! So kind of on the spur of the moment I decided it would be fun for us to have a little birthday party for PJ! Daddy had to work last Monday night and a visitor we were expecting ended up sick, but we actually had a lot of fun the four (5 of us if you count PJ) of us with PJ's party. We made a special "meat" cupcake for PJ, complete with a dollop of whipped cream on top and 2 candles! Sounds disgusting, yes, but PJ thought it was GREAT! We also gave PJ presents that the kids lovingly wrapped in gift bags we had around the house. We sang Happy Birthday and Feliz Cumpleanos and Laura made a special sign for the wall. The kids even had birthday hats and blowers that I found in a stash of mine...though PJ was quite apprehensive of the blowers! Here's some pics of the special day!

PJ & Laura withthe meat cupcake, Laura's birthday sign and the lineup of presents in the corner. PJ even got a special hat!

The kids enjoyed celebrating PJ!

Juancho & PJ before PJ opened his present...PJ is looking a little like 'deer-in-headlights' here...I'm sure he was wondering what the heck was going on!

Juancho's gifts to PJ - a cheese stick & a new toothbrush!

Laura thought it was pretty funny that PJ kept trying to 'peek' in her bag!

PJ got a tug-of-war rope from Laura (made from two holey socks tied together!)

Angie loved PJ's party too!

Angie gave PJ a brush & comb (nevermind that they are the ones we've had since we got him) and oh yeah, a kiss!
On an another note, please keep the following prayer requests in mind...
**For little Naomi as she recovers from a bout with RSV
**For dear friends of ours that just experienced a traumatic loss
**For our friend L who desires to grow closer in his relationship with God
**For my niece Ashley who will be entering her 5th month of pregnancy soon
**For little Martin Eligio born without complications yesterday and his Mom & Dad
**For our friend E who has been battling illness
**For me to figure out a way to get my life, home and structure/schedule is under control! (it's really stressing me out!)



Jes said...

Thanks for the pictures and know that I will keeping in prayer the things you mentioned!

Fredericks said...


Prior to connecting with the Post Adoption Network at Wooddale..Oh my gosh I was ..well heck you saw me sobbing during my introduction. Lost, totally Lost, was all I could say to describe my state of being. And I felt like none of my friends, family and co-workers could relate to being a mom to 10+ kids literally over night. I mean it is a situation that most moms would get at least 10 years to adjust and learn and grow into.

Here is my game plan. I made a list of all the things that stress me out. Then I focused on eliminating the top 3 (marriage conflict, mother-in-law complaining about the house looking so messy and the actual mess itself) either by fixing or making piece with it. So far so good.

My goal now is to get ample sleep, wake up at 5:00am to spend time with myself via reading the bible or working out.'s time for bed. Good night, I pray that God be your project manager and bring your heart to peace.

Dan & Karen said...

I'll take any excuse for a celebration! Looks like everyone had a good time.
Stop stressing - none of us ever have it all together. But I will say that time does help. We've had the boys almost 8 months now and it does get better. I'll be you'll see a difference in just 3 months.