Friday, April 4, 2008

Bikes & Kites and other Spring Stuff!

Hi All! First of all, thanks to those of you who left such encouraging and supportive comments to my previous post. It had been a couple of tough days of being a Mami and I think I was feeling overwhelmed with it at that moment. Feeling much better now...and much more capable of being a good Mami, despite my imperfections! :)

Well, dare I say it? I believe Spring is in the midst of 'springing' here in MN! You can never be 100% sure until May - we've been known to get freak snowstorms in late April...however I think it is here! I've seen several robins and yesterday the temps topped out at nearly 60 degrees! Woo hoo!

Last weekend was a nice spring weekend and the kids got bikes and kites! Saturday was a perfectly windy day for kite-flying...and we quickly learned that John is quite masterful at flying kites!

The kids have ridden their new bikes nearly every day since we got them (except on Monday, which was the last snowfall of the season (I hope!) and 6 inches of snow fell throughout the day...its all gone now though!). Both John and Laura are good riders and they behave well - following the rules of where they can and cannot go on their bikes, always wearing their helmets and watching for cars. So far so good! I've included a few pics!

Daredevil John - it's hard to tell b/c this picture is dark, but John is showing me his special 'trick' which involves him peddaling super fast, then standing on his bike seat as he rides the bike around the drive. At least he has a helmet on!

Laura's kite was not exactly cooperative...

John was a master at his 'jet' kite and got it soaring pretty high!

Angie wasn't quite sure what to do with the kite at first...

But pretty soon she had it up and flying!


Jes said...

How fun! These were both a couple of my favorite spring/summer activities as a kid! What a fun Mami you are in providing these opportunities for these great kids!

Dan & Karen said...

Riding bikes is one of the things our boys love to do too. Even Andrew who can't reach the pedals loves to push the Big Wheel around with his feet so he can participate. We tried thek ite flying yesterday, but not enough wind.
Thanks for keeping the blog up - it's so encouraging to see how other families are doing!