Friday, March 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

You all are well-deserving of photos! So here are a few from our Valentine's Day breakfast! Mami made heart shaped pancakes with red sprinkles and we made special little cards for each of the kids telling them how special they are to us and how much we loved them. They LOVED Valentine's and receiving cards at school. And the candy! They get WAY more candy on Valentine's Day now than we used to when I was in school! Laura told me when she came home from school on Valentine's Day that she thought it was going to be like Halloween where they take their little boxes from class to class to get cards and candy! Even though that didn't happen, her little card box was stuffed full! They enjoyed giving and receiving LOVE that day! :) Here's some photos...

Laura was very excited to have a 'mariposa' (butterfly) in her card - can you tell by the huge grin? :)

We think Juancho liked his card too!

This pic of Angie cracks me up...she looks so smug and sly...

Laura & her heart shaped pancake. John in the background cracks me up with his 'loco' (crazy) hair!

John takes a little while to wake up in the mornings! He did like his pancake, though he wanted his WITHOUT sprinkles. I guess sprinkles were a bit too girly for this macho man! :)

Angie and her pancake...loaded with sprinkles as you can see!

Hope you all had a fun and LOVING Valentine's Day as well!
(More pics to come from other February happenings!)

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