Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dress Up with the Cousins!

A few weeks ago (this was a February happening also...) we had quite a gathering at our house. Robert was playing CPA and doing taxes for his father and sister. The cousins (Emily's girls - Abby, Olivia & Isabel) came over and our 3 absolutely LOVE playing with them. As usual, the dress up box came out (our girls have a fabulous dress up box, thanks to the gifts and donations from friends and grandparents!) and they all got dolled up. John even got in on the action, putting on his full Colombian futbol (soccer) uniform. Fun was had by all...see below!

John in his Colombian team futbol uniform

Cousin Isabel (age 6) made a beautiful princess...Angie is admiring in the background...

Abby thought the 'Pink Devil' costume suited her - even though she is as sweet as can be!

Here are all 6 dressed in their's hard to see Laura's sequined leotard and purple skirt or Olivia's princess outfit...but they all had a GREAT time dressing up!

The cousins came over more recently again to have a slumber party! We were suddenly the busy 'parents' of 6! We survived! We went tubing at Buck Hill and swimming at the gym that to come in another post for that one...I'm still working on catching you up on a few February happenings!


Jes said...

Keep the pictures coming!!!!!

Sherri said...


I remember you, and I have been silently following your blog (we call it blog stalking!). Thanks so much for praying for us, we appreciate it so much, really it's a huge blessing.

You guys look to be doing well. It sounds like a lot of fun at your house! I am so glad we at least ran into eachother on the streets. I'd love to go back to Colombia! Spring isn't coming soon enough.

Have a blessed Ressurection Day!