Monday, March 24, 2008

Geem Beems

We have a bedtime routine of saying prayers with the children...they are known as "Thank You Jesus" or "Gracias Dios" prayers because they start off with Mami saying 'Thank You Jesus' or 'Gracias Dios' and the child finishes the sentence with whatever they want to give thanks for. NOTE: I copied this idea from fellow adoptive mom Janine who prays this way with her kiddos (adopted 3 from Colombia also...and has a Juancho too!)...great idea Janine!

Anyway, here was the 'Thank You Jesus' prayer time with Mami and Angie tonight...

Mami: Thank You Jesus...
Angie: Por Comida (for food)...como pan (bread), ketchup y geem beems.
Mami: Geem Beems?
Angie: Si, Geem Beems...yummy
Mami: Oh...Green Beans
Angie: Si, Geem Beems
Mami: Thank You Jesus...
Angie: Por Comida (for food) y mi nose y mi mouse (she means 'mouth') y mi eyes
Mami: Thank You Jesus...
Angie: Por Comida...y Barbie Doll y Baby
Mami: Thank You Jesus...
Angie: Por Comida...y Mami, Papi, Juancho, La la y PJ! AMEN!!! YAY!!!

As you can see, she is quite thankful for food! :) I was surprised at the 'Green Beans' comment, since it is always a struggle to get her to eat them! Maybe she's having a change of heart? I was just relieved that she didn't thank Jesus for poo poo and pee pee tonight like she has been doing for the past week!

Aah the faith of a child - refreshing and a good reminder to be thankful for all the little things...including Geem Beems!

PS - Easter stories and pics coming soon...we had SO much fun and Grandpa & Grandma Meadows' house!


Donna said...

Too funny!

We also do this prayer at dinner and some of the things they say are amazing. Can't wait to see the Easter pictures. We will try to get some up also.

Wish we lived closer!!

Jes said...

Way too cute! It was so good to run into you at Caribou the other day!

AJ said...

So sweet! So enjoy your posts!

Jean Sizemore

Connie said...

Geem Beems! lol! Sounds like home.... It's a crazy english spanish and confused mixture, isn't it!