Thursday, March 5, 2009

They Made The NEWS!

The last post was about the Daddy/Daughter Dance that Robert and Laura attend together back in late February. We recently learned that they actually made the news about it! Not the national news...or even the State news...but the local Shakopee, MN news! :)

Click on the link below...about 20 seconds into the video, you'll see Robert and Laura dancing the night away (along with our friend Boyd & his daughter Rachel). I tease Robert that he must have practiced long and hard on those dance moves...they are so complex! ;) Love ya honey!

They had a great time...will definitely do it again!



La Viajera Insaciable said...

Looks like a great event! How fun to see them in action!

Rebecca, a long-time lurker and mom to two wonderful Colombianas!

me said...

hey Holly and Rob....been following your news and would love to follow your blog also....great to see all the pics...the kids look so lovely....miss you and would love to visit and chat....check out my blog at