Tuesday, March 31, 2009

PJ's Revenge

You've certainly been introduced to PJ on this blog before. PJ is our loveable canine protector - our 3.5 year old mutt - we think a German Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix. But he was also an adoption...a pet adoption and before the Humane Society found him, he was a street dog - so there is no telling what his heritage really is. But he truly is a wonderful dog. We got him about a year before our kiddos joined our family...but he handled the additions to the "pack" with ease.

Here's PJ:
As you can see below, he feels quite comfortable being a member of our "pack" (and is less than modest...sorry!)And though he is so cute - he is not immune to getting in trouble sometimes!
Having 3 other pack members that are under 18, and two of those being girls, PJ has endured his fair share of being dressed-up, serving as a surrogate "baby", attempts to be ridden like a horse, and more. He has handled it with ease......until this past weekend that is. This past weekend we discovered "PJ's Revenge!"

Somehow Angie's toys suffered the brunt of the damage. Though PJ isn't usually a 'chewer', he did a complete lobotomy on the pink bear (Angie still doesn't know about that one...she loves that pink "bearie" and will not take it well when she learns about his demise). We didn't even know about the Barbie until we came home from Monsters vs. Aliens on Saturday and found a large pile of dog vomit on the area rug (thankfully a small one I can toss in the laundry). He had all sorts of unidentifiable things in it. A search of the girls bedroom turned up the completely destroyed Barbie! Both legs gone - up to the belly button! Both arms chewed off from the elbow down! PJ certainly had some pent up frustration he decided to let go on pink bearie and poor old Barbie! (As a side note though, so far this incident has seemed to help the girls remember to be better about keeping their toys picked up!)


janine said...

Awwww, poor Angie, but I must say, that bottom picture made me laugh very hard!

Our dog hasn't done anything with our kids' stuff (that I can recall or that I know about!), but when we were visiting my husband's sister and bro-in-law in OR, their dog LICKED Andres' poor stuffed "wolfie" . . . it smelled so bad and Andres cried and cried . . . fortunately, I washed it and all turned out well (although Andres still talks about Keyser licking his wolf!).

Fun stories! I love that you are blogging more!

Mrs. Hawk said...

This is so funny! Maybe naked barbie was too tempting for poor PJ. :)

Laura S said...

Ok...thats pretty funny (other than the sad part about Angie's toys). We don't have pets but we do get spare toys as back ups to a few favorites (mostly stuffed animals that are harder to replace)just in case something happens to them. If they don't get used they get donated later.