Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's Resolution?!

To update this blog once a week at a minimum! Main reason is to have a journal by which I can go back and re-tell the story of my children's first years with our family. But I also love to keep our friends and families updated too!

Here's a few pics to enjoy since it has been a while!

ABOVE: Our family Christmas photo - December 2008
Robert & Holly, John (age 11), Laura (age 9) and Angie (age 3), also PJ our faithful and loyal dog!

ABOVE: Angie showing off one of her hand-made ornaments when we were decorating the tree!

ABOVE: John & Laura decorate the tree on a snowy Minnesota December day

ABOVE: Daddy & his girls

ABOVE: Our family on Thanksgiving - it was a special day for us all!

ABOVE: Angie decided to cut her hair one day when working on a craft with Laura. Even though they were kid scissors, she still cut a chunk out of the middle of her hair, thus inspiring the pixie bangs! Laura loved them so much, she wanted some of her own. So I took on the role of hairdresser for the night! It was much more successful than the time I tried to be a hairdresser for Juancho - click HERE for a refresher on that really bad hair day! :)

ABOVE: Another "New Haircut" picture

ABOVE: Having a 3 year old means I see the expression above on a daily basis. I call it "Miss Sassafrass" :)

ABOVE: Having girly girls means that we get all sorts of fashion shows regularly (note that Angie is wearing Laura's winter hat and Laura's tennis shoes...on the wrong feet!)

There is a snapshot of the Dressel's over the last couple months. If I keep up on my resolution above, you'll hear more from me by or before next Saturday! :)


Wendi & Benjamin Wood said...

Yeah! I love your posts!

The children look so happy! And Angie's hair--wow, has it grown!!!

Happy New Year!

Laura S said...

Man...they have grown. They look all grown up! Glad you had a wonderful holiday...and don't forget if you mess up your resolution you can always jump back on the wagon the next week. :) I try to update about once a week too. Sometimes better than others, but it is a good goal to keep up without being overwhelming.

Glad you are back posting! Happy New Year!

Sherri said...

It's good to see the new pictures, they've grown so much! Can you believe over a year has passed?! I hope you guys are all doing well.

Jennifer said...

Such great pics! Love the updates!