Sunday, January 11, 2009

Angie's 4th Birthday!

Angie turned 4 on Friday! We had a quiet family celebration at home (minus Laura - she was off on her FIRST overnight retreat with her girls Awana's group - she had a blast!) on Friday. Saturday evening we had a Dora the Explorer birthday party for some of Angie's little friends and their parents! It was a lot of fun. Before I get into those pics - here is a blast from the past pic of Angie at her 3rd birthday, about 2 months after she became our Forever Daughter, in January 2008!

ABOVE: Angie in January 2008 - turning 3 at her Elmo birthday party


ABOVE: Angie at her Dora Birthday Party celebrating turning 4 in January 2009!

ABOVE: We made a homemade version of "Pin the Tail on the Donkey", but Dora-style! In this classic party game, the kids had to Pin the Backpack on Dora!

ABOVE THREE PICS: Being a Dora the Explorer party and all, naturally Angie got a fair share of Dora gifts...and she loved ALL of them!

ABOVE: Angie has been becoming more and more "girly" as she gets older. Her nearly daily request is to wear a dress, but living in MN in winter means that temps are generally not too much higher than the single digits (if that high!). However I was able to find some warmer jumper dresses that long sleeved shirts and thick tights or even leggings could be layered underneath. So while her wish to wear a dress won't be fulfilled EVERY day, she may get it at least once a week with these new provisions!

ABOVE: Kudos to Robert - he made the Dora cake! Our friend Ty's mom happens to work for a baking company and was able to set us up with all sorts of great Dora cake decorations. Good job making the cake honey - it was a hit!

Now I'm going to try uploading a video or has never worked for me before...but here's to hoping!


Donna said...

Sooooo Cute!!!! Looks like a great birthday. I had to laugh about the dress comment. My Anji will ONLY wear a dress. I think it is because she wore one the first day of school and the teachers made such a big fuss about how pretty she looked. So since then it has only been dresses. I stocked up on warm tights but just can't get her to wear a pair of pants! Anyways, looks like the party was a big hit with Angie and I can't believe she is 4 already. Were does time go! Thinking of you guys and wishing you all the best.


Wendi & Benjamin Wood said...

Happy Birthday, Angie!

It's amazing how fast the children grow! She is absolutely gorgeous!

Mrs. Hawk said...

I'm sorry that we couldn't be there! Looks like it was a blast though. MISS YOU!

LaDonna said...

how fun!! looks like she was having a blast!!