Monday, December 3, 2007

Passports & Doctors

Hi Everyone!

This will be a quick post as time is getting short now! This morning Papi & Juancho were up bright and early to head off with Mario to get Juancho's passport taken care of.
Cute Story: When the alarm went off at 6:30 am, I leaned over Juancho and rubbed his back saying 'Time to get up Juancho'. When he opened his eyes and looked at me I told him it was 6:30, time to get up. He looked at his new $2.50 Spiderman watch and saw that it was indeed 6:30 am. Then I think he realized that he was going to get his passport b/c a big smile spread over his face and he got right out of bed and was nearly undressed and in the shower before I even got the water warmed up! He was excited to get that passport completed!

Juancho & Papi got the passport taken care of (see photo below) and then stopped off at the Delta Airlines ticketing office on the way home to purchase the children's tickets for Thursday (ours had already been changed to Thursday). It is official! We will be landing in the Twin Cities at 5:45 pm on Thursday night, December 6th...HOORAY!!

Our doctor's appointment was scheduled for 6:30 PM, but then our representative Edith called us at 11:40 and said there had been a cancellation and could we go at 12:30 instead. That seemed to be a better time to us, so we got the children dressed and ready to go! We met with Dr. Juan Fajardo at 12:30 and he did a basic medical history on the kids and a brief examination of each one (height, weight, check the ears, nose, throat, etc.). All seemed to pass the test. They are small (which we knew)...all are in around the 10% mark for height and weight...except Angie. She is at the 10% mark for height, but doesn't even get on the chart for weight...she only weighs roughly around 23 pounds! No wonder her 2T pants are falling off of her! She'll grow (as they all will) with consistency, a good diet and lots of TLC! We've already noticed her cheeks plumping up a bit...and becoming more rosy!

Here are a few pics from the day. Tomorrow we apply for visas! In the afternoon Holly is getting a manicure (birthday present from Papi) and then the parent's are going out for a meal (in honor of Holly's b-day).

With love from Bogota,

The Dressel Familia!

Juancho & his NEW passport!

This is our new friend Ava (in a formula-induced "coma") who will be living about 20 minutes away from us in St. Louis Park, MN!!
Angie after 'postre' (dessert) tonight...can you tell she had something chocolate to eat? :)

Just so you know, it isn't always smiles & giggles...This is Angie at bedtime tonight letting us know loud & clear she didn't think it should be time for bed! But...

...5 minutes later she was happily reading a book with Mami...and 5 minutes after that she was sound asleep!


Sherry said...

Hey Mami Holly
Happy Birthday, old lady!
Just wanted to know I'm thinking of you today. I'm sure you'll have a great day with your whole family. I'm so thankful for you. We love you! Sherry, Sterling, Emma and Lainey

LaDonna said...

Happy Birthday Holly!!

Mandi said...

Hi Holly,

I found your blog through Becky's and I have been following your tales....I am just so impressed with all of you. What a testimony and what a story. Can't wait to hear more of your adventures!

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday Holly! Congratulations on your homecoming. Looking forward to seeing you again and meeting the kiddos. Hope you have your snowsuits ready!

Carina said...

Hi Holly,
I just wanted to post my congratulations. I've been following your blog on this journey to your 3 precious children & I wanted to post a comment to thankyou for sharing. Hopefully I've done so now.
Enjoy your birthday & I wish you all every happiness now & always.
Take care
Carina (mum to Diana; another Colombian blessing)

AJ said...

Happy Birthday, Holly!!!

Praying you safely home! Wish you could bring some of that warm weather with you!! It's been such a treat following your journey! So excited for you all!!

Blessings to all of you and Happy Homecoming!!!


Julia said...

Congratulations from all of us at Kidsave

We are overjoyed that Laura, Angie and Juancho found such a loving family. We had so much fun getting to know Laura and Juancho them this summer and hope that you will continue to share your life with us.

Lots of Love,

Julia and Lauren

Donna said...

Happy Birthday!

Congratulations. Almost home!! I know at this point, all you can think about is getting home. It sounded like a busy week. Angie is only 1 pound more than my Anji. Sometimes I think she will never get bigger. Wait till they see the snow. Our kids can't stop talking about it and can't wait to see more. Praying for your safe travel home and can't wait for you to start your new life as a family in your home.