Saturday, December 1, 2007

Friday's Happenings...

Hi Friends & Family!

So we made it official today with Delta Airlines...Thursday will be our homecoming day! We will arrive in Minneapolis in the evening...we'll let you know specifics when we pick up our tickets on Monday. We had to move it back one day because we lost a day with the paperwork error that was made with Juancho's amended birth certificate. We have all the corrected documents now, and will get Juancho's passport on Monday, along with having the kids US Embassy doctors appointments on Monday afternoon. Tuesday we'll apply for our visas...Wednesday we'll pick them up, and Thursday morning we will head home...HOORAY!!!

The last 2 days were jam packed for us...I'll tell you what we did with pictures:

Us (plus Diana & Jamie) with Corinne & her baby Alexanne. They went home (along with Corinne's mother Micheline) to France on Friday morning...we will miss them! They were great friends here at Betty's Place!

Laura at Divercity on the River Rapids ride! (Note: Divercity is a mini-city for children. Children 'work' at various jobs (like a veterinarian, a fireman, a doctor, etc.) to earn 'money'. With thier money they can pay for different fun things to do (like the river rapids or getting a manicure or playing soccer) It was a lot of fun...and very educational for the children!)

Juancho & Laura at Divercity after obtaining their 'Driver's License'!

Laura driving at Divercity

Juancho driving at Divercity

Juancho as a paramedic at Divercity

Friday night, the parents went out to dinner at a restaurant called 'El Museo de Tequila' (or The Tequila Museum). Of course there was all kinds of tequila available (yuck), but the best part was the authentic Mexican food, and the mariachis! (Drea, we were thinking of you and Papa Zarate!)

Holly, Robert and our friend Tamara at the Tequila Museum restaurant...complete with our sombreros!

This is what we came home sweet!

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Anonymous said...

As if your journey doesn't make me tear up enough (I'll continue to blame it on the hormones!:)
We can't wait to get you guys home--safe travels and hope to see you soon!