Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Civil War Day

Near our home is a place called "Murphy's Landing". It is an 88 acre park re-created to resemble life in Minnesota between the 1840's and 1890's. Nearly all of the buildings in the park are original - homes, church, school and mercantile actually built in that time frame and moved to the park from various parts of the south metro of the Twin Cities. Costumed interpreters teach about life on the frontier, farmstead and villages.

We'd never been to Murphy's Landing before, but with Juancho's recent budding interest in American history, I thought it would be a perfect place to go to this summer. Juancho has been especially interested in the history of Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War, so when I learned that Murphy's Landing opening weekend this year was a historical re-enactment of the Civil War, complete with an appearance from Old Abe himself, I knew we had to go! We had a great time learning all about history, meeting Abe Lincoln (who was a short chubby fellow...nothing resembling the 16th president except the suit and tophat!) and seeing how a one-room schoolhouse functioned, playing schoolyard games of the 19th century and various crafts and other things. I'm sure we'll be back again this year...in fact the kids may even attend one of their "Pioneer Life" summer camps! It's always great when learning is disguised by great fun!

Here's the pics...

Laura & Angie wait patiently while Mom buys the tickets
Angie says "C'mon Mom!"

Juancho & Laura walking down the path into the frontier village

Angie has fun playing with pioneer schoolyard toys.
This one is a stick that doubles as a baton.
Looks like Angie is enjoying it...I know a
cheap gift to get her on her next birthday... :)

On the other hand, I probably won't be getting
stilts for Juancho...

...Laura either.
Minnesota's 5th Infantry Battalion demonstrates
how a cannon is loaded and fired. They fired
3 rounds...boy were they loud!

John & Laura pose by the cannon.
Angie was scared by the loud
blasts and decided she was going to
"stay away from that thing!"

Juancho intently watches and listens to
Abraham Lincoln's speech which told all about
his life and accomplishments. Since then
Juancho has been telling everyone that the Civil War
ended on April 9, 1865 and Abe Lincoln was shot
just 5 days later.

"Abe Lincoln" signs Juancho's biographical
book about the president, which Juancho brought
on this outing for the very purpose of getting it

We call these scenic shots on the banks of the Minnesota River our
"Pioneer Day Senior Portraits". Laura opted out...
here are John & Angie's shots...quite photogenic! :)

Juancho & Laura pose as gargoyles at the
top of the steps. They learned a new word this day...
it was "gargoyles".

One final shot of the 3 outside of one of the
authentic pioneer era homes.
What a fun (and educational) day!


Laura S said...

Great photos! Love that you were able to take them on an educational fun day!

Jes said...

How cool....you are such a creative and fun mom/teacher!