Thursday, April 23, 2009

Easter Baskets & Egg Hunts

After church we came home and the kids changed their clothes. They did mention that they must not be getting Easter baskets this year because they didn't find any on the table like they did last year before church. But while they were up changing, I brought the baskets out of hiding and as they came down the stairs they discovered their baskets and the fun things within.

After that I took PJ outside (and secretly hid a bunch of eggs for a hunt) and came back in to let the kids know that when I was out with PJ, I saw a BUNCH of Easter eggs all over the place! They were pretty excited!

Later that day when the cousins came over, we made Resurrection Rolls and the kids had a blast doing that! It was great because when their roll came out empty inside they could each tell the story of why the 'tomb' was empty. Then they happily gobbled up the yummy rolls!

Tia Michelle with Juancho (above) and I (below)


Kimberly H. said...

Hi Holly! I finally have a little time to read some blogs!!! Its been quite a while! I love the spring hair cuts. And you're such a good mom teaching and actually DOING earth hour with the kids! AND I think "PJ's Revenge" would be a great title and story for a children's book!!! Altough the outcome is alittle sad but obviously those things happen! It was so good to see pics of your long awaited faily trip to Iowa. Lots of love to you all, miss you. Kimberly H.

Kimberly H. said...

I meant family trip....!!!