Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The First Day of School!!! (Or Was It?!?)

Well, Mommy blew it today...she forgot to take an "Off To School" picture of the two older children for their first day at school. In the hustle and bustle to get out the door I completely forgot! I don't feel totally bummed though, because it was only ONE child that ended up starting school today! (We hope to do the "Off To School" picture with BOTH of them tomorrow).

That's right, Juancho woke up this morning complaining of a headache and feeling dizzy and that he didn't sleep well. I took his temperature, and sure enough! It was 101.5 degrees! I gave him some Children's ibuprofen and told him he wouldn't be able to go to school today because he is sick. He was clearly sad about that...he said "Mommy, I was so excited to go to school!" and about 5 minutes later said "I think I'm feeling better...can I go to school now?" I'm glad that he WANTS to go to school, but we kept him home today. This (below) was Juancho's First Day of School (That Wasn't) picture...

Poor little guy. PRAYER REQUEST: Pray for Juancho to be healthy and strong and able to go to school tomorrow. As he went to bed tonight he was still sporting a temperature (though smaller) of 100 degrees.

Here is Angie's "Up Peas Mommy" pose. She's learned the words in English for "Up" and "Please" (though she says it without the L) amongst many others. She will often come up to myself or Robert and put her arms up and say "Up Peas Mommy" or "Up Peas Papi". We usually like it best when she says it when her mouth ISN'T full of Animal Cracker cookies! :)

Robert was doing some real estate work tonight showing homes and I was hoping to get caught up on some projects after dinner. I told the kids that after dinner they could play in their rooms. After popping a load of laundry in the machine, I walked up the stairs and heard the best sound, all three kids laughing hysterically and obviously playing very well together. I continued up to their rooms, following the sound of laughter. There they were (see above), tucked into the 'fort' they had built in Juancho's closet (obviously he was feeling a bit better!) with blankets, pillows, a few toys and a flashlight! How much fun!
Tonight was the first time that all three of them were able to creatively play together without express direction from Mom and Dad. The girls tend to play well together, with their dolls and other toys and can spend a lot of time on their own creating their own play stories. But Juancho has previously had trouble figuring out how to use his free time if he isn't given specific ideas (ie - Play with your Legos, Play outside in the snow, Read a Comic Book, etc...) so I was glad to see that not only were they all playing together, but to learn that Juancho came up with the idea in the first place!
Today was also the first time that we were successful in keeping to our schedule. We woke up at the right time, got out the door at the right time, ate meals at the right times, Angie took a nap at the right times, baths started and ended at the right time, and best of all - kids were in bed each on time!
But Mommy did blow it one other way today. I dropped Robert's laptop! Well, actually, it more slid out of my hand and fell about 6 inches onto the floor - but regardless, it hit the floor harder than it should have. It seems some doohickey must have popped off of it, because now the power cord will not stay plugged in or give the laptop any power at all! And the battery was already pretty shot to begin with. We're not entirely sure what the piece was that we lost, though we can see where we are supposed to plug in the power cord to the computer that a piece is missing. I've tried to find it, but it hasn't turned up. PRAYER REQUEST: Pray that we find the missing piece soon so that he can have access to his laptop - where his MBA work is, along with several other important documents!
More a few things left to do before I hit the hay for the night!


Mami Janine said...

Hi, my name is Janine and my husband and I adopted three kids from Bucaramanga in Feb. '07. I enjoy your blog . . . your kids are so cute! We have a Juancho, too! I also have a red-headed niece that reminds me of your little girl!

I love the closet picture. We have a little cubby in our basement and our kids LOVE it in there! They take blankets, stuffed animals, and flashlights, too!

You have a beautiful family!

'Lil Hawk said...

Reading your updates from Down Under! Miss all of you!! What school did you decide on?

Rick & Genece said...

Holly and Robert,
Been meaning to say hello for quite some time now but the whirlwind really swept us up with all the rush we went through to get back to the US before Christmas then the hustle and bustle between Christmas & New Year's. We are happy to be home! All along we've been looking in on your blog and really enjoy the updates and happenings. Yes we did stay at the same room while at Betty's place. Let Laura know we really enjoyed her drawing of Boots & Dora! That was one of the first things I focused in on and the picture is still hanging up there so others will enjoy it too! Take care & many happy wishes for the New Year!

Love, Genece & Rick, Marissa, Fabian, Karen, and baby Luis

Beth said...

Thank you for updates. It's so nice to see how folks are doing once they come home. Happy New Year! Beth Hollis (Children's Hope International Family Member)